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This set of 10 ErgVideos is the pack you need for the free ErgVideo road cycling training plan in its default minimum configuration. It features several of our best sellers, and focuses on  power foundation development (threshold power) and progressively works toward endurance, max aerobic power development, anaerobic power zones and that all important part of winning bike races: sprinting. It includes some racing ErgVideos for event simulation, and of course the Threshold Test HD to measure your progress. You can further configure the training plan to include more ErgVideos using the training plan tool.

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Threshold Test HD

A fully automated and simple way to determine your threshold power, now in an HD edition. We've implemented a standardized time-trial test which begins with a programmed ErgVideo-style warm-up. You calibrate your trainer, and then you do a 20- or 60-minute time-trial test to determine your threshold power. Cycling centers can test up to 24 riders at once! You ride with National Masters TT silver medalist Ron Amos of the Ride with Rendall team on a Time trial course in beautiful Franco-Ontario.
The warm-up and test is functionally identical to the Standard Definition Threshold Test ErgVideo. This is shot with high quality HD video, a new rider, and on a different course. If you have been using the SD test, your results will not be changed or affected by using HD test protocol interchangeably. We did this so you'd have consistency and repeatability between the tests, but you'll get some visual variety in your testing if you have both ErgVideos in your collection. (1:26 hrs)

USD $35.00
Les Mardis de Lachine HD

Les Mardis Cyclistes de Lachine (literally: "Cyclist Tuesdays of Lachine") started in 1978 with 7 riders and a stone to mark the finish line. Today it is one of the biggest regular criterium series in Canada. Quebec has a long tradition of supporting cycling and sports in general as cultural events, adding substantially to the unique character of the community and life in Montreal. Naturally, some of the best talent in Canada is incubated in this environment, and the top athletes on the Canadian pro-elite scene regularly frequent this series. Ride with Rendall's under-23 star Thomas Devisscher is your eyes and legs in this fast and flowing criterium ErgVideo. You'll learn a few things about cornering and clever timing to improve your position in a tight peloton. Just don't try some of Thomas' advanced inside dives on your first time out. Really. No..., look..., we're serious.... don't. (1:17 hrs)

USD $35.00
Tempo Pyrenees Foothills HD

This was a scheduled "recovery ride" gone terribly wrong. So wrong, it has been included as a hard tempo session in our HD Base training pack! After many hard days in the mountains, you'd think an easy day in flatter terrain would have been welcomed by our riders. The flatlanders among them felt some need for revenge, and what transpired was far from easy. This video has it all, from smooth and steady "through and off" pace-line riding, to jams up short climbs, and even some town-sign sprints. The roads are narrow, remote and the sunshine blazes down throughout. Like so many of your own club rides, in the final few km's, there's a real feeling of "well...that was harder than we'd planned!" (1:41 hrs)

USD $35.00
Threshold Intervals HD

During your base period, it's important to improve your power at threshold, and this Hi-Def ErgVideo is perfect for that. You'll join Greg Reain and Robert Orange, both multi-decorated national and provincial champs from Ride with Rendall, in sets of long leg-busting intervals. This video includes the ever-popular 2x20 minute intervals at threshold, as well as 2x10 minute and 2x8 minute sets. Mix and match reps and sets using the ErgVideo 3 ride designer to get your own "perfect" threshold-building workout. (2:06 hrs)

USD $35.00
Intervals for Hills HD

Follow 2009 national elite road champion Aaron Fillion and multiple provincial champion Nathan Underwood of Ride with Rendall. These guys don't hold back a single watt! Filmed in Gatineau Park at its greenest AND sunniest, we hit the big-3 major climbs over and over again! Choose from 3 minute Pink Lake, the 4.5 minute Black's Lake or the 6 minute Camp Fortune climbs. Hill intervals are recommended in all athlete's training plans to get some "punch" when the roadway points up. Inflict pain and suffering upon yourself or clients by creating custom rides to repeat the hardest hills in leg-busting combinations with the ErgVideo 3 ride designer. (2:01 hrs)

USD $35.00
Base Tempo White Lake HD

On a sunny spring day, a group of 4 elite riders from the Ride with Rendall, team take you out to the eastern Ontario cottage town of White Lake. They take it reasonably easy on the way there, and jam hard into the wind on the way home. This ErgVideo is excellent for base and tempo training: there aren't any aggressive attacks, it's mostly smooth, steady, and long. As usual, it isn't without its challenges here and there. This ErgVideo is easily adapted to your needs for Base (low zone) training as well as hard Tempo riding, using the new features in the ErgVideo 3. (2:50 hrs)

USD $35.00
Intervals for Max Aerobic Power HD

2007 National Cyclocross Champion Greg Reain is back, this time with Ride with Rendall teammate Ron Amos, to lead you through interval sets on quiet sun-soaked roadways. These intervals are designed to build your max aerobic power. We all need a big VO2max, and here's how to get it. Four different sets are taken from the Guy Thibault/CCA playbook, choose from 30-second, 1-minute, 1.5-minute and 2-minute intervals all in the max aerobic-power building zone. Useful for all endurance athletes. Create many variations of sets and reps with ErgVideo 3's Ride designer. (1:55 hrs)

USD $35.00
Intervals for Anaerobic Lactic Capacity HD

Anaerobic Lactic Capacity is often what separates winners from losers in bicycle racing. It's that ability to dig deep to bridge gaps and create breakaways, over and over again, until you're in the winning move. You can't stay below threshold and expect your competitors to get tired; you have to try to drop them like a bad habit. ALC intervals will help you do it, and they are part of any roady's training plan. Ride with Rendall's Mike Nash and Paul Datars lead you through sets of 45 seconds, 1 minute, and crushing 1:15 minute efforts, filmed in Canada's National Capital region. (1:54 hrs)

USD $35.00
Intervals for Sprinting HD

You need a stellar sprint to finish ahead of the whole bunch or pick the meat off the bones of what remains of your breakaway partners. Whether it's for the race win or you're just hunting primes along the way, your sprint is your weapon. You'll join several Ride with Rendall club mates in sessions meant to make your top speed "way-faster". Roadies who ignore developing their sprint are the ones who always say they were beat by a wheel, and act surprised. Don't be that guy. Win.
This ErgVideo depicts some people riding without helmets. The show must go on. Don't send me mail. (1:49 hrs)

USD $25.00
Four man TTT

We think this is still one of the very best ErgVideos. Aw, gee, it's HARD too. Ride with Rendall, fields a powerhouse team, including multiple national and provincial champions. Filmed from two helmet cams at the Quebec TTT championships, you get a dual view of the action. The TTT is probably the hardest and fastest road event of all, and it's great over-under threshold work for roadies, tt specialists, and triathletes alike. The speed is incredible. (1:27 hrs)

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