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    Our renowned software has new features!
    Now you can ride your favorite power-workouts for free!
    No subscriptions, no fees, and nothing to buy!
  • for 1.99
    We're offering a full 40 minute hi-def ErgVideo with sample segments
    from some of our most recent editions. It's a fully functional
    ErgVideo with no limitations, so you can try out all of ErgVideo's
    rich features, and feel the complete ErgVideo riding experience.
  • New 1080 HD
    Join the ErgVideo team on an exciting, breathtaking ride up the most famous of
    all the climbs in cycling: Alpe d'Huez! It's available now in super-sharp,
    super-colorful 1080p high definition!
  • compatibility
    We're thrilled to be supporting a wide range of trainers including the
    Wahoo Kickr, Tacx Neo Smart, Elite Drivo, as well as CompuTrainer and
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    We've filmed real races and training rides from right inside the action, in iconic places like Mont Ventoux
    and the Col du Tourmalet. Top riders lead you through intervals sessions, races, triathlon courses, and
    effective workouts for cyclists and triathletes alike. ErgVideo operates your CompuTrainer or VeloTron
    in the power-targeted ergometer mode. This is training at its very best, and you complete
    your workouts on target, everytime.
  • free plans
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    You can train completely for free! No subscriptions, nothing to buy.
    Use ErgVideo free-mode training with our free plans. ErgVideo
    will look-up compatible ErgVideo sessions to enhance your
    experience. Read about it here
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    ErgVideo has partnered with the Peaks Coaching Group to bring you special
    edition ErgVideo power-packs with free training plans designed by PCG coaches.
    These ErgVideos feature Scott Moninger, Hunter Allen, and others riding their
    favorite training sessions in some of their favorite places.
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    While you ride, you watch the action and all your real-time performance data. Configurable windows float
    for use in single or multi-monitor systems. Video and difficulty controls are accessible from the
    handlebar controller or screen.
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    Our Train for Real™ ErgVideos are easily incorporated into your cycling or triathlon
    training program. Choose from club-style base & tempo rides, interval training sessions,
    triathlons, road races, criteriums, hilly circuit races, team time trials, and even famous
    climbs of the Tour de France!
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    ErgVideo supports from 1 to 24 riders. Everyone selects and controls their
    own difficulty level. It's great for athletic couples who want to train together,
    but get separated too easily on the road. ErgVideo is a headline feature at
    several high-tech studio-cycling facilities.
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    ErgVideos download straight to you, with all the necessary software.
    Our instructional videos help you configure your system and use
    the ErgVideo software.

Click here to find out more about ErgVideo-free and how to download the FREE software.

Click here to get the $1.99 ErgVideo "get started" offer.

1080p HD ErgVideos are $45, 720p HD: $35, others: $25. Save 10,15, and 20% when you buy 3, 6, or 9+ ErgVideos.

featured ErgVideos
Our catalog contains over 100 titles. These are our latest releases and some of your favorites. Click pictures for details.
Choose ErgVideos à la carte, or try our pre-selected training packs.

ErgVideo is about modern, effective, power-based training with incredible visuals to keep you motivated.

free-mode training plans
These are our free training plans that work entirely with ErgVideo's free features. Yes, you can train for free: no subscriptions, nothing to buy. ErgVideo will look-up equivalent ErgVideo session for each workout. Read more about this exciting feature here.


featured training packs
These ErgVideos match our free training plans designed by qualified coaches, including Hunter Allen, the guy who wrote the book on power training.


ErgVideo is a training tool for all cyclists, from road racers & triathletes to sport tourists & gran fondo enthusiasts!

road & gran fondo

ErgVideo is ideal to prepare you for the demands of massed-start racing. In road races, criteriums, and even gran fondo events, you need high threshold power, speed and anaerobic capacity to make your winning moves. Our complete training series and race simulations filmed from inside the peloton give you the tools and motivation to improve every aspect of your bike racing game. 

triathlon & time trials

Use ErgVideo to get ready for your next big event, whether it's a local time trial, olympic distance tri, or a full-on 140 mile event. Chose from our wide selection of training sessions to improve your threshold and sweet-spot tempo-zone power. We even have triathlon sessions filmed on world-famous courses with top athletes. ErgVideo will help you arrive at the start-line fully prepared, and the finish-line fully accomplished.

sport touring & climbing

You ride for the love of the outdoors, going places or conquering the mountains made legendary by the Tour de France or the Giro d'Italia. It's a ton more enjoyable when you are fit and ready. Apply some modern training with power to your preparation and feel the difference it makes on your next journey. We'll keep you motivated and inspired with sessions on the Tourmlet, Mt. Ventoux, the mighty Stelvio, and many, many more.

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ErgVideo is feature-rich, but stunningly easy-to-use. Get riding quickly without fussing about with long set-up and configuration!
  • ride setup

  • ride customization

  • real-time riding

  • options

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ErgVideo works with Wahoo Kickr, and Wahoo Snap

We're thrilled to support the most advanced smart trainers on the market. Visit Wahoo Fitness' website.

ErgVideo works with CompuTrainer and VeloTron, by RacerMate

They're the most accurate and durable stationary-trainer platform on the market! Visit RacerMate's website.

ErgVideo works with the Tacx Smart trainers, like the Neo Smart

...and other FE-C compatible trainers from Tacx. Visit their website.

ErgVideo works with Elite trainers, like the Drivo

...and other FE-C compatible trainers from Elite. Visit Elite's website.

ErgVideo works with wireless ANT+ trainers bearing the FE-C icon

Look for this icon on your trainer, its documentation, or its website. Or check the ANT+ product directory for your trainer.

ANT+™ compatibility

ErgVideo 4 is compatible with ANT+ FE-C stationary trainers, heart rate monitors, speed sensors, cadence sensors, speed and cadence sensors, as well as power meters (PWR type). Our ANT+ conformance certification is complete for all of these devices.