how to download your ErgVideos
  1. Login to your account here at the website.
  2. Get the ErgVideo application and install it.
  3. Launch ErgVideo, and click the button "downloader" that appears in the lower margin. ErgVideo will close and the downloader will launch. Enter your website username and password. Click "Get available downloads from ErgVideo account". Your remaining downloads will appear.
  4. Select a title and click "Download selected title".
  5. The ErgVideo will be automatically entered in your ErgVideo Library environment.
  6. When ErgVideo is restarted, it will automatically load the extra workout sessions for that ErgVideo

after downloading, be sure to backup your files!

ErgVideo does not provide backup service. The downloader ensures you receive the product. If later you lose your files for any reason, restore them from your system backups. To re-enable a download ErgVideo must charge $15 for 1080HD and $10 for all other titles.  See our information on backup, restore, and transferring videos to new PC's here .

Please watch the entire process in our instructional video.


ErgVideo 5 integrated downloader

downloading ErgVideos
things you should know about downloads
  1. The files are large. from 1.5-13GB each. They will take awhile to download depending on your internet connection speed.
  2. You may exceed your internet service provider's monthly download limit, if you have one, and if you have bought several ErgVideos. Your provider will charge you for this. None of it comes to us. Please beware of your limits. For now, assume an average size of an SD ErgVideo is about 2GB, HD about 5.5 GB, 1080HD are 10+ GBytes.
  3. You get one download per purchased title. Using the ErgVideo downloader will ensure that the file is transferred to your system. You must use it. Trying to find other ways around to download will fail, and will lead to confusion. We've made this really easily and reliable. The downloader monitors progress and can be interrupted and resumed. When a download is complete, the title is removed from your list of downloads. Use the support page to report any issues.
  4. You can view the status of your downloads in your account at the website. Login here and click your username showing in the upper right corner.
faq about downloads
It takes long because the files are large, from 1.5-8GB and future releases will be larger. We aren't going to reduce the quality of the images to provide smaller files or downloads. The speed of your connection is really the limiting factor in the download time. The higher bit rate, the faster. The files are served from the cloud, and the servers can handle the demands of many customers downloading at once. The bottleneck is in the customer's pipe, really.  
It's all about ease-of-use and security, really. We needed a way to ensure that files were completely transferred to you and verified that they arrived. We wanted a way for the ErgVideos to be installed in the right place on your PC, and to update your ErgVideo library automatically. We wanted to achieve this without requiring you to upgrade your ErgVideo program. We also wanted a way to restart interrupted downloads, too, even between computer reboots. We needed security around your download links. We also anticipated that if we provided links on the site that were clickable from a browser, we would have people "wasting" their assigned downloads by downloading into their iphones and then would have to ask us how to transfer from the phone to the PC, and then how to add them to the ErgVideo library.
So our downloader program does all of this, pretty much automatically. We didn't integrate it immediately with ErgVideo itself, since we'd rather not introduce a possible change in ErgVideo while you are using it heavily. And besides, the download function is something you rarely do, so there's no need to complicate the ErgVideo user interface with these extras. Someday we will do the integration, but it will come with some new useful features too.  
Great question, I'm glad you are conscientious enough to ask. Indeed in the past the DVD was a de-facto backup, and everyone liked that. When you have downloaded, you don't have this luxury. Well, it's pretty simple really. You will download files into a target directory. Our default naming goes into a folder under your Public Videos named ErgVideo. Like C:\Users\Public\Videos\ErgVideo. Each ErgVideo goes in its own folder, for example "ThresholdTestHD" and in that folder are two files ThresholdTestHD.evr and ThresholdTestHD.wmv. All ErgVideo downloads will work this way. All you need to do to backup is to connect a different physical drive and copy these folders over. Assuming you have used the default install configuration, you can just copy the ErgVideo folder containing all of these files over onto your backup drive.
Now, don't just copy these files to somewhere ELSE on the SAME drive! If the drive fails, you lose BOTH copies usually. You need a separate physical drive for backups.
Do not assume your backup is your account. If you need a second download, we must charge for that, as hosting the files in the cloud is not free to us, and we are billed on outgoing traffic. We must charge for supplemental downloads  
See our information on backup, restore, and transferring videos to new PC's here .