you can easily customize your ErgVideo™ sessions

We recommend watching our 'how-to' videos. They are also provided on your ErgVideo™ DVD's.

Each ErgVideo™ comes with a synchronized power-profile spanning the entire video's duration. We also supply and maintain master library of pre-configured custom rides. The ErgVideo  application will notify you about them when updates are available. You will get several rides for each ErgVideo in your library, all for no extra charge. You may never feel the need to build your own ride. 

The ErgVideo 3 environment incorporates a ride designer that allows you to create interesting and challenging ride sequences far more complex that with ErgVideo 2. You can select any section of the ride and repeat it, even at different intensities. Place any section in any order, the ErgVideo will remain synchronized to your workout design! This way, your 1.5 hr long ErgVideo can be used for rides from only 20 minutes to many hours long, if that's REALLY what you'd like to do.  The designer has an automatic pre-analysis feature including Time-in-Zones and TrainingPeaks™ performance metrics to gauge the difficulty of the ride as you create it. Visit our video help page for a quick hi-res tutorial on how to use the ride designer.


ride designer (quickie)

ride setup and design (narrated)