Integrated ErgVideo training plans: how to choose!

The integrated plans that appear in version 4.7 are exactly the same plans offered by our online tool. But we think you will agree we've made the whole process a ton simpler. Even though there are several selections, they can be distilled into a few categories. We'll walk you through it here. The 10,000 foot view of the plans and the people who created them, can be found here. Our titles below roughly correspond to how they appear in the ErgVideo application plan list.

PCG Scott Moninger plans: 

ErgVideo has continued its partnership with the Peaks Coaching Group to bring you a new series of amazing training videos, along with our best training plan yet. You'll ride with the legend himself, Scott Moninger, on the very roads where he trained throughout his unsurpassed career. With 275 professional wins, he tops the all-time list among American pros. Along with PCG coach Tim Cusick, Scott will lead you through training sessions designed to improve your threshold power and your climbing ability. The sessions will lay the power foundation for your summertime success in climbing races, high alpine touring, and grand fondos. The ErgVideos in ths power-pack are as beautiful as they are effective.

This is a 12-week plan available in the ErgVideo application with 3, 4, or 5 session/week variations.


PCG Hunter Allen plans

ErgVideo has partnered with Hunter Allen's Peaks Coaching Group to bring you an exciting series of new ErgVideos featuring Hunter and his team riding their favorite training sessions.  Currently the collection includes 6 HD ErgVideos all filmed near Hunter's HQ in Bedford Virginia.  Specifically designed for your pre-season indoor training phase, they focus on endurance, strength, and threshold power development.

This plan is available as 12 or 14 weeks long, and is available in 3, 4, and 5 week variations


PCG Moninger + Allen plans

This is a 12-week plan that follws generally the Scott Moninger plan's progression, using the videos starring Scott himself, a few from our climbing series, but also adds in the Hunter Allen power training series of videos. We do this to give you the option of more visual varaiety as well as variety in your training sessions. Available in 3, 4, and 5 week variations. You can select the ErgVideos you already have, or justify expanding your collection!


PCG 8-week build plans

The Moninger and Allen plans are great for your general power-foundation training phase. If you are confined to the indoors for your build phase, or you have just discovered that ErgVideo sessions give you the most-focused and effective training possible, then you'll want to keep going in your build phase. These plans use ErgVideos in the Scott Moninger series, the Hunter Allen series, and some of our most popular inetrvals sessions from our Train for Real™ series.  

This is an 8-week plan that you should only attempt after completing the 12-week programs above, or at the very least, the last 8-weeks of those plans.  It's available in 3, 4, and 5 sessions/week variations.


ErgVideo training plans: road, short tri, long tri, and climber-fondo plans 

The ErgVideo training plans were developed by NCCP III certified coach and ErgVideo developer Paul "all day" Smeulders. This plan has certainly the most variations and flexibility to match your ErgVideo library. You can easily customize your sessions with the training planner tool. All of the optional workouts shown on any given day within a plan are roughly equivalent, so you can pick and choose.  All choices presented align with the framework developed by a nationally certified and experienced coach. Basically, you can't choose wrong, but you can make a ton of "personal needs" adjustments, and track your daily and weekly TSS as you make changes!

The plans are tailored to the type of events you are preparing for, whether it's road racing, short or long course triathlons, a long mountainous touring adventure, or a ride in your local GranFondo.

These plans are 20 weeks long covering 2 power-foundation base phases, 2 builds, and a quick pre-competition phase as well. It's available in 3, 4, and 5 session per week versions.


ErgVideo + Allen training plans

The Hunter Allen Power Training series of ErgVideos offer several new ways to train your strength, threshold power, and even pedaling technique. We've augmented the traditional ErgVideo training plans for cyclists, short and long course triathletes, and climber-fondo riders with the Hunter Allen Power Training series of ErgVideos. These plans will bring more variety, entertainment, and effectiveness to your indoor training program this year.

These plans are 20 weeks long covering 2 power-foundation base phases, 2 builds, and a quick pre-competition phase as well. It's available in 3, 4, and 5 session per week versions.


Need more help?

Help with using the integrated training plan tool, as well as how to use your plan when integrated with ErgVideo, is available on our  "how-to videos" support page.