the integrated planner tool in ErgVideo 4.7+ is recommended

With ErgVideo 4.7+ we've essentially obsoleted this page. We'll leave it up here until about June 2017 to satisfy our most stalwart and stubborn users, but we believe customers will find the planner that's directly integrated into the application to be far better and much, much easier to use. Certainly, future development will be focused on the desktop app and not this page, and it will pack many many more features. Read about the integrated planner here.

configure your free ErgVideo training plan
You'll need the Silverlight plug-in for this function. Silverlight is a safe, secure MicroSoft technology for rich internet experiences. It isn't available for mobile browsers, but a desktop browser like Internet Explorer supports it. On Windows 8 and 10, use the "Internet Explorer desktop app" which is NOT the edge browser, nor the browser on the mobile or "modern UI" side of Win 8 or 10. We're working on porting this to a framework for mobile OS's, but ultimately you have to download your plan to your computer that's running your ErgVideo system, and that isn't your mobile device, anyway. We'll eventually phase out the Silverlight functions as time permits.