the ErgVideo Coach tool builds detailed, customized training plans

The ErgVideo coach tool is a separate PC application that's available to customers on our downloads page.  It is of most interest to coaches who have a background in preparing training plans for athletes. The casual ErgVideo user may find it interesting to build  a custom training plan if the free 20-week plan available with our training plan tool  is unsuitable, or he wants to take things a little further. 

Please be aware that the tool is free software and subject to unannounced updates and changes. It relies on an internet connection to operate. While we are always contemplating changes and improvements to all of our products, this tool is stable and gets the job done, so we're more focused on providing new, high quality video content. We do not offer telephone support. Please refrain from sending us suggestions for feature changes or bug fixes. You will have to rely on the instructional video on the support page.

Its history is as a tool that we created to support our in-house creation of training plans. We only decided to make it available to others as an afterthought, and after some expressed demand.  The cost for ongoing telephone support for this tool, at the possible expense of time serving the regular ErgVideo customers was one major consideration for not releasing the tool at all.  If you choose to use it, please be advise that you are left to your own curiosity and experimentation to figure it all out.