Col d'Allos North and Pra Loup 1080HD

USD $45.00

Pra Loup is a shrine to the French cycling fan, because it's where their very own Bernhard Thevenet finally defeated the great Eddy Merckx in the 1975 tour de France, ending Eddy's days in a yellow jersey forever. The Col d'Allos has been used in the Tour de France no less than 33 times, and our team climbs it from the rugged north side in this ErgVideo. Both climbs feature smooth team efforts and a steady ramping-up of the effort until only a few riders remain hanging on. This ErgVideo comes with several ride variations, including tempo and threshold level efforts, as well as ramping intervals. Use the ride designer to create your own workouts too! (1:46hrs)

This ErgVideo is in high quality 1080p HD, and is not supported on Windows XP nor Vista class machines. In fact we don't support XP and Vista at all. Please read our system requirements for more information. You can find the regular 720p HD version at the "hd collection" page, as well as roads of the tour, etc.


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