Col de la Bonette 1080HD

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The Col de la Bonnette is the 4th highest paved pass in Europe. To claim the title of "Highest Paved road" the local Parks and rec built a soul-crushingly steep loop around the peak up to 2802m. It goes nowhere (except 2802m) and is the embodiment of pointlessness in its purest form. But everyone has to ride it! The ErgVideo team climbs this one progressively, ramping up the power throughout, ending with a full-blast effort to the top. Several session variations are provided from full-steady climbing to multiple power ramp intervals.  (1:52hrs)

This ErgVideo is in high quality 1080p HD, and is not supported on Windows XP nor Vista class machines. Please read our system requirements for more information. You can find the regular 720p HD version at the "hd collection" page, as well as roads of the tour, etc.


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