Tempo Vercors Massif 1080HD

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The Vercors Massif is among the premier cycling destinations in all of France, especially if you don't want to spend everyday climbing for hours on end. Lots of changing terrain means it's your choice to go flat and fast, or go up. Just west of Grenoble, this area has hosted tour stages several times. It is filled with challenging climbs and breathtaking rocky gorges. The ErgVideo team set out to explore it on a day for brisk tempo work, and typical club-ride shenanigans ocurred. At more than 3 hours, this is the longest ErgVideo ever produced, and perhaps holds the most diversity for building custom rides. There's climbing, tempo, some fast flatland pedaling and some thrilling blasts in the gorges. We've packaged several training sessions with this one, and you can use the ride designer to create your own workouts too! (3:08 hrs) NOTE: this download is 24GBytes long, it will take awhile, and if you have a monthly limited internet service, you may blow over.

This ErgVideo is in high quality 1080p HD, and is not supported on Windows XP nor Vista class machines (in fact, XP and Vista are no longer supported at all). Please read our system requirements for more information. You can find the regular 720p HD version at the "hd collection" page.


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