ErgVideo display options for virtual reality cycling

ErgVideo works great on single or multiple displays

home & single rider display options

The ErgVideo 3 display surpasses previous ErgVideo releases with its new real-time display. Now you see your training data in a "Heads-up display" that can be moved anywhere on your display(s), including over-laid on the primary video! We've designed for the more popular 16:9 displays, and we have included several visual options to maximize your enjoyment of ErgVideo. It will be your favorite training tool!


studio displays

We recommend two projectors or displays and a dual-port video card in "extended desktop" mode for large studio installations. You can show the video panel on your primary display and the data "HUDs" on secondary monitor(s). Up to 24 smart trainers are supported, in any combination! Riders see all the data, and are absorbed by the real-life action!

A 3-screen option is possible with some video cards, and this is great to show a huge screen with video action in the middle, and the data screens (12 riders per side) on either side of the "action" screen. This way, placement and sight-lines for riders are simplified, since they need only see their own data screen and the action screen.

We recommend that you project the action screen LOW, close to the floor, since riders like to ride with their heads in their normal riding position, and that's normally down. It presents the virtual roadway where it is in real life...down there. Your clients will strain unnaturally to see monitors if they are located up high, and they will not adopt normal riding postures. That pretty much negates all of the positives of riding their own bike in your studio.