Info for cycling studios using ErgVideo virtual reality cycling

ErgVideo is the ultimate fitness studio application

An ErgVideo session in a group setting includes all the attractive social aspects of a Spinning class but in a modern multimedia, high-performance environment with measurable intensity, and measurable outcomes. Can you say over-stimulation? No such thing!

why ErgVideo is better for your athletes and staff:

  • A large proportion of your clientele do not wish to race in every training session. Indeed, the success of "spinning" lies in its lack of competition, and inclusion of everyone in the same workout. No-one wants to be left behind.
  • You, as a trainer, may not recommend a high frequency of racing during the winter months as part of an effective, progressive development program. ErgVideo lets you set the program and intensity of each session, and lets you customize workouts to match your training philosophy, and the goals of your clients.
  • An ErgVideo session isn't a race between participants. Everyone rides at their own ability level, and everyone gets the same training benefit. You can invite pros to ride alongside beginners! Or even couples...and they won't argue about who is going too fast! 
  • Everyone starts and finishes at the same time. This lets you schedule your sessions precisely, unlike distance- or course-based multirider racing sessions, which only end when the slowest rider completes the course. Such delays can impact your schedule for the rest of the day.
  • There is no need for an instructor to lead the sessions, as in a Spin class. ErgVideo takes full control. Everyone can see all aspects of the workout, and their progress. Your clients can feel free to converse and connect in the same way they do on their familiar outdoor group rides. They can even take breaks and re-join the action!
  • You can use ErgVideo as a progressive training tool, by scheduling training video sessions as well as race video sessions. You can manage your client's development by tracking and controlling their intensity and training sequences for each session! 
  • We recommend using a dual display system, one for the ErgVideo, and another for the heads-up data display. See our page on display options.