how ErgVideo virtual cycling works

how ErgVideo works

ErgVideoTM is an application for your WindowsTM 10 PC, and video content. The application controls the power level to your smart trainer as you ride, synchronized with the video content and efforts shown by the riders in races, rides, and training sessions.


hardware connections:

The hardware connection from your PC to the CompuTrainer or VeloTron is exactly the same as those you use while running all of your other RacerMateTM applications. No changes are needed. You connect a serial-port (or a USB-serial adapter) from your PC to the CompuTrainer or VeloTron's data port.  

You connect to Kickr, ANT+ FEC trainers, and ANT+ devices wirelessly using an ANT+ usb stick adapter.


ergometer mode: power-targeted training!

ErgVideo is completely different to other video training simulations. Rather than simulate just a course profile, we present the actual power profile of the riders shown in the video. You configure the difficulty of the ride by entering your unique threshold power (FTP). Each rider in a group session will set a different FTP.  The smart trainer automatically adjusts the load presented by each unit, so that all riders will execute the same workout at the same time, watching the same video display. Each rider feels like the hero in the video, the point-of-view cameraman. 

Each rider receives exactly the same training benefit from the workout since it is keyed to his or her own FTP. As a simple example, an effort of 110% FTP for 2 minutes feels exactly as difficult and has the same training benefit for a rider with a 200W FTP as another rider with 250W FTP, even though the first rider  was forced to ride at 220W and the second at 275W. Each was at 110% of their FTP.

We take advantage of the smart trainer's ability to automatically hold you at the power target, without you actually doing anything but pedal as hard as necessary to keep the wheels rolling. You don't have to watch a number and try to hold it in-range, distracting you from the action.  Indeed you have to be ready to to respond to large or fast changes in power load, and our graphical interface makes this easy to understand. You pedal hard when the smart trainer forces you to, and rest when it releases.  Check out riding tips for more info. This way, you complete your power-based training on-target, and on-time, everytime.

We present the video always at real-time speed, regardless of your own speed. Remember, what matters are power levels and your time spent at those power levels. Distance and speed on a stationary trainer are irrelevant to your physical training benefit.  If this puzzles you, see the FAQ for more in depth discussion. Real-world speed is how you experience your cycling world whether you ride fast or slowly. Slowing or speeding-up the video according to your wheel speed presents slow-motion and fast motion views which appear incredibly unnatural and frustrating.  Our scheme ensures all riders in a session complete their workout at exactly the same time with the same physical benefit to each individual, as well as the same virtual reality experience. Nobody ever feels like the loser, nobody is ever less than the hero. You are taken "outside", and you feel nearly as excited as after a great session on the road, whether it is a training session, or a full-on race.  Just say "no!" to slow-mo!

power-based training is where it's at

ErgVideoTM operates your smart trainer in ergometer mode. This means you must output the power level it dictates. It's very different from course mode. Read about it in our FAQ here.

You can, of course, completely control the intensity of your ride. Professionals and beginners can ride together, and have exactly the same training experience! 

ErgVideoTM is the ONLY virtual reality system that simulates the true demands of cycle racing. Your efforts are dictated by the rider's behavior, not only the course profile. In a racing ErgVideoTM, you will change speed and intensity often. Training sessions are less variable.

The smart trainer forces you to maintain the power level prescribed by the session's power profile. 

  • Warm-up well. The surges and attacks are very realistic. 
  • Rest whenever you can. If the trainer is easy to pedal, then pedal easily. You need to be ready for the next effort.
  • A hi-power interval is not necessarily a hill climb, so don't react by lowering your gear. It is a required increase in power, not an increase in grade. Changing gear has no effect, the required power is the same.
  • Spin faster just before a power surge is required, and push harder to maintain the effort until the load diminshes again.
  • If you can't keep pedaling, you've set the intensity too high. Avoid grinding below 60rpm. You're getting dropped!
  • To get the sensation of high torque climbing, try lowering your cadence, and then stand up! Be careful: the trainer will stop you if you can't smoothly output the power this way!
  • For more tips, follow our Newsletters. This one is packed with detailed information on riding ErgVideo.