power-based training is where it's at
ErgVideo™ operates the CompuTrainer™ and VeloTron™ in ergometer mode. This means you must output the power level it dictates. It's very different from 3d mode. Read about it in our FAQ here.

You can, of course, completely control the intensity of your ride. Professionals and beginners can ride together, and have exactly the same training experience! 

ErgVideo™ is the ONLY virtual reality system that simulates the true demands of cycle racing. Your efforts are dictated by the rider's behavior, not only the course profile. In a racing ErgVideo™, you will change speed and intensity often. Training sessions are less variable.

The CompuTrainer/VeloTron forces you to maintain the power level prescribed by the session's power profile. 

  • Warm-up well. The surges and attacks are very realistic. 
  • Rest whenever you can. If the CompuTrainer is easy to pedal, then pedal easily. You need to be ready for the next effort.
  • A hi-power interval is not necessarily a hill climb, so don't react by lowering your gear. It is a required increase in power, not an increase in grade. Changing gear has no effect, the required power is the same.
  • Spin faster just before a power surge is required, and push harder to maintain the effort until the load diminshes again.
  • If you can't keep pedaling, you've set the intensity too high. Avoid grinding below 60rpm. You're getting dropped!
  • To get the sensation of high torque climbing, try lowering your cadence, and then stand up! Be careful: the CompuTrainer will stop you if you can't smoothly output the power this way!
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