threshold testing with the ErgVideo virtual reality cycling app

ErgVideo measures your threshold power accurately

threshold test procedure

threshold test procedure

All of the ErgVideo sessions are defined relative to the FTP (read about FTP) of the rider providing the point-of-view of the action. So when your ErgVideo characters are shown doing 100% of their FTP, you will be required to do 100% of your FTP. This way, you get the same training effect and perceived effort as the athletes in the ErgVideo. So if your FTP is 200W and the athlete's FTP is 400W, it doesn't make sense to ask you to put-out 400W (which is 200% of your FTP) but rather 200W. Typically you will both feel the same perceived effort and you will train your threshold zone capacity in this case, "equally" to that of the riders in the video. This predictability, along with the smart trainer's ability to hold you on the target power, is what makes ErgVideo so effective as a training tool.

But all of this precision-training requires that you know your FTP reasonably well. If you set your FTP too low, rides will be too easy and your training may not be as effective as it could be. If it is set too high, rides will be impossibly difficult, grinding you to a breathless halt, and the same can be said: your training may not be as effective as it could be (!)

ErgVideo provides a solution with the Threshold Test ErgVideo. It puts you through a prescribed warmup and a standardized, repeatable test with which to determine your threshold power. You use the result as your threshold power level in your rider settings. Studios can run threshold tests on up to 24 riders at once, just like any other ErgVideo session. Check our video tutorial help page for an easy to follow, step by step walkthrough of the threshold testing procedure with ErgVideo.

The two threshold test ErgVideos are available as part of your subscription.