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which subscription to get?

If you are using only 1-3 trainers, a home subscription is all that's needed.

If you support 4 to 24 trainers per PC, you'll need the studio subscription. Studios with several PC's that only support 1-3 trainers each can use the home subscription, but you need a subscription for each active PC.

Click on the product's "details" button. Monthly subscriptions are charged by the month.

USD$10.00 / Month
USD$60.00 / Month

did you know our software is free?

Our software does a ton of things for free. We give you features and functions that you pay for with other software. For example, you can ride power files in .fit, .erg, or .mrc format, including your TrainingPeaksTM workout of the day. The training plans are free, and you could ride them for free. 

Gee, there's so much for free that you could, and you shouldfirst download the software and try it out, then come on back and sign up for your subscription. Tell us if you have any troubles with the free software, we can help you get rolling before you buy.

useful info

You can read the End User License Agreement and Terms of use for the software, subscriptions, and licensed content here.

You need a paid subscription for each PC that you want subscribed. It's two-clicks easy to transfer your subscription to a new PC, but you are limited to doing so once per pay cycle, to prevent sharing of our unlimited subscriptions with other users. If you transfer only when you get a new PC and stop using the old one for ErgVideo, you won't even notice this limitation. Never give access to your account to anyone else. We can't provide security for you when you compromise it yourself.

We've made this page as simple as possible, so you'll find you can only buy one subscription of each type in any one session. If you need multiple subscriptions to support multiple PC's, complete your purchases (checkout) one at a time. Yes, it seems a bit silly, but we expect it will be a rare occurance, and we're protecting against people making silly mistakes and ordering more than one subscription without realizing it. Moreover, we promise in the long run, having separate transactions per subscription will make distinguishing between your various different subscriptions easier, in the application as well as in your monthly billings and receipts.