installing ErgVideo™ is easy

We recommend watching our 'how-to' videos. They are also provided on your ErgVideo™ DVD's.

installing ErgVideos from the web

  1. Login to your website account. You will find a link to the ErgVideo program installer.
  2. Install the ErgVideo program.
  3. Launch the ErgVideo program, and click the "downloader" button that appears in the lower margin.
  4. Follow the procedure outlined in the video below.


ErgVideo 5 integrated downloader

downloading ErgVideos

installing from DVD

  1. DVDs are no longer provided. This info is primarily for people restoring their system from their DVDs purchased many years ago.
  2. Login to your computer as an administrator.
  3.  Insert ErgVideo™ DVD into a DVD drive (you need a dual layer DVD capability for some HD ErgVideos). If you are prompted to choose a program to launch, select ErgVideo3Setup.exe.
  4. The necessary components* will install, including the instructional video. Follow the on-screen instructions as the installation progresses and completes.
  5. Review the instructional video to learn how to use ErgVideo™.
  6. Double-click the ErgVideo 3 desktop icon to start ErgVideo™.

installing from dvd


unlocking your ErgVideos:

When you first open an ErgVideo™ for use, you will be prompted to unlock it. Each ErgVideo™ is licensed for play on a single computer. You will have a 5 minute preview if you do not unlock your ErgVideo™ immediately. If you are in doubt about your  system performance specification, this is a good way to first test that everything is working as expected on your system before unlocking.



unlock your ErgVideos