ErgVideo: installing the free virtual reality cycling software

installing the ErgVideo software & ANT+ drivers

Installing ErgVideo software is super easy, and made even more simple for our subscription users. Watch the video.

installing ErgVideo

installing ErgVideo

installing ANT+ drivers

installing ANT+ drivers


subscription-only customers can stop reading here!

Below are further instructions that apply only to legacy-licensed ErgVideo customers. We leave the info posted to remind them how it's done should they need to re-install or re-license their product. The subscription products are a great deal simpler to install and use.

below this line for legacy licensed ErgVideo users


installing licensed ErgVideos from the web

We no longer sell ErgVideos individually. Some people will still need this info until we eliminate the web-downloader for videos. It will be deprecated Dec. 31, 2018, after which time we'll take this down.

  1. Login to your website account. You will find a link to the ErgVideo program installer.
  2. Install the ErgVideo program.
  3. Launch the ErgVideo program, and click the "downloader" button that appears in the lower margin.
  4. Follow the procedure outlined in the video below.

After downloading, be sure to backup your files!

ErgVideo does not provide backup service. The downloader ensures you receive the product. If later you lose your files for any reason, restore them from your system backups. Downloads are no longer available. Start a subscription and access all of the videos for one low price per month.  See our information on backup, restore, and transferring videos to new PC's here .

installing ErgVideo

quickie: installing ErgVideos from the web

installing ErgVideos from the web

installing ErgVideos from the web


Things you should know about downloads

  1. The files are large. from 1.5-13GB each. They will take awhile to download depending on your internet connection speed.
  2. You may exceed your internet service provider's monthly download limit, if you have one, and if you have bought several ErgVideos. Your provider will charge you for this. None of it comes to us. Please beware of your limits. For now, assume an average size of an SD ErgVideo is about 2GB, HD about 5.5 GB, 1080HD are 10+ GBytes.
  3. You get one download per purchased title. Using the ErgVideo downloader will ensure that the file is transferred to your system. You must use it. Trying to find other ways around to download will fail, and will lead to confusion. We've made this really easily and reliable. The downloader monitors progress and can be interrupted and resumed. When a download is complete, the title is removed from your list of downloads. Use the support page to report any issues.
  4. You can view the status of your downloads in your account at the website. Login here and click your username showing in the upper right corner.


installing from DVD

It seems DVD's have an infinite lifetime once released. Well, really they don't, but we still have people asking how to re-install them. We'll leave this here for their reference...or maybe a nice stark reminder of how inconvenient they are compared to a subscription? Subscribe today.

  1. DVDs are no longer provided. This info is primarily for people restoring their system from their DVDs purchased many years ago.
  2. Login to your computer as an administrator.
  3. Insert ErgVideo DVD into a DVD drive (you need a dual layer DVD capability for some HD ErgVideos). If you are prompted to choose a program to launch, select ErgVideo3Setup.exe.
  4. The necessary components will install, including the instructional video. Follow the on-screen instructions as the installation progresses and completes. The software on the DVD is old and not supported. You should ONLY install the Videos, and get the updated software from this website. Your DVD could be 12 years old and the software probably doesn't work well on Win 10.
  5. Double-click the ErgVideo 3 desktop icon to start ErgVideo.
installing ErgVideo from DVD

installing ErgVideo from DVD


unlocking your ErgVideos

This info does not apply to streaming subscribers. We leave the info posted here for legacy customers using licensed ErgVideos

After installing from the downloader or DVD and upon first opening an ErgVideo for use, you will be prompted to unlock it. Each ErgVideo is licensed for play on a single computer. You will have a 5 minute preview if you do not unlock your ErgVideo immediately. If you are in doubt about your  system performance specification, this is a good way to first test that everything is working as expected on your system before unlocking.

unlocking ErgVideos

unlocking ErgVideos