setting up your music in ErgVideo

play only the music you love

We don't know what's worse: riding your stationary bike to "just" power-profile graphics and data, or riding your stationary bike to anything that plays-out canned music you just can't stand. Our demographic extends from teens to octagenarians, and if we put music on our videos, we know somebody would write to tell us how much they hate the music. So, fair enough. We include a playback interface to play your music playlists from iTunes or Windows Media Player. And we can alway be run inside windows, so you have room on your desktop to play from other services. You pick your music, and you control the playback. You will enjoy your ride so much more. Here's how the options work, along with a few recommendations on how to control the UI from your bike... without getting your keyboard all wet!


integrated WMP controls

playing music from Windows Media Player

integrated iTunes controls

playing music from iTunes

playing music from Spotify

playing music from streaming services


your phone as a remote control

use your phone as a remote control

an awesome remote control

a cool remote we like