registration and login faq

  • registration and login faq

We sent it. If you entered a valid email address, it was sent, and it arrived at your email servers. This is very simple and regular thing for computers and servers to do. It's not broken on this end, and we've traced multitudes of complaints that claim to be "special cases". It ALWAYS arrives at destination. It's either in your spam folder, or your email service has filtered the content and didn't even present it in your spam folder. There is nothing we can do about that except ask you to change settings on your spam filters, or encourage you to speak with your provider to stop filtering this content. We're not in the business of thwarting or bypassing security systems. Perhaps try creating an account with a different email address domain. Investigate your settings and filters.

Enter a valid username and password. If it doesn't work, one of those two things, or both, have been entered incorrectly. It isn't broken on this end. Usernames and passwords are old-hat for websites. The problem is on your end. You are tpying the rwong txet.

Enter something that will help you recall your password. It isn't used for your login validation. It's so that you don't have to contact us or use the password reset function. You MUST enter something in this field, as the error message indicates...so you may as well make it worthwhile.