system requirements

ErgVideo 4.5 (and higher) requires an internet connection

We've vastly simplified registration of ErgVideos, enabling auth/de-auth of pcs for up to 3 transfers without any extra cost. To benefit, you must upgrade to version 4.5. We have withdrawn support for all earlier versions. Your unlocks for earlier versions will continue to work under those versions, but we won't be granting new unlocks for them. Upgrade to Version 4.5 to automatically benefit from this expanded feature. For more info, read here.


Please note that ErgVideo is no longer supported on Windows XP or Vista!! Refunds for downloaded content will not be provided. You should use the $1.99 trial if you want to test your machine.


For ErgVideos indicated as 1080HD:

It is possible that even some windows 7, 8, or 10 systems will not work. 1080HD really depends on your graphics hardware now. Integrated graphics below Intel HD4000 will not work. HD4000 appears in i3,5,7 3rd generation devices and later units have even better! Without this level of integrated graphics, you will need a discrete high performance graphics card. Use our $1.99 trial to see if your system has what it takes.

For videos indicated simply "HD" or with no designation (which means SD):

Thanks to hardware and operating system progress since ErgVideo was first released in 2007 and upgraded for HD in 2010, the hardware requirements for ErgVideo are pretty easy to hit. It may look complicated below, but it's because some people still try to use old shoddy computers running Windows XP. Now that XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, we really urge you to upgrade. ErgVideo no longer supports XP nor Vista.

minimum wahoo Kickr firmware:

You ABSOLUTELY need at least Wahoo Kickr firmware version 1.3.32 or higher. Higher is always better, stay up to date. We won't be supporting anything lower. You can update your Kickr firmware from an iOS device only (ipad, iphone). Use the "wahoo fitness" app, and consult their webpage.


minimum pc requirements  for a single user:

CPU and Operating system: Windows™ 10, 8, 7 are required. Windows Vista, XP, and RT are not supported.

  • 1080HD, HD and SD ErgVideos: Windows™ 10, 8, 7  Multi-core CPU, 2GHz or more, Core2Duo or higher, with minimum HD4000 integrated graphics, or a discrete graphics system. CPUs earlier than, or below Core i3,i5,7 generation 3 requires discrete graphics cards, 1GB minimum dedicated video memory.
  • HD and SD ErgVideos: Windows™ 10, 8, 7 or Windows™ Multi-core CPU, 2GHz or more, Core2Duo or higher.
  • Not supported: Windows RT, systems with ATOM CPU's. Windows Vista or XP are no longer supported.

Graphics System:

  • A video subsystem with Windows WDDM driver support, DirectX10 or higher is required. High Definition video capable, 256MB video RAM minimum. 1GB is required for 1080HD, and even other ErgVideos, especially for large resolution displays (1280x1024 or higher). These will generally be marked as 'Win 8/7/Vista compatible'. 
  • For integrated graphics, look for HD4000 or higher.


  • System Memory: 2GB minimum
  • Display Resolution: 1024x768 pixels, using normal font size. Using larger font sizes will scale the ErgVideo windows and your display will require higher resolution.
  • Windows™ Media Player 11 or higher must be installed (default is WMP 12 in Windows 7 and 8).
  • .NET framework 4.0 SP1 or higher must be installed. A properly updated and maintained Win 7, 8, or 10 will have this (or higher) installed.
  • Anywhere from 3 to 16 GB of hard disk space per video.


what not to do:

By far, the most problematic systems are old ones that people bought "used", for so little money you have to imagine they are fundamentally busted. Avoid "refurbished" machines. For some extra money, get a new machine and save yourself the headaches of dealing with failing parts. Next worst are hyper-low budget i3 (or earlier) with integrated graphics and small shared memory for graphics. We've seen some poor excuses for PC's that were built NOT for video intensive tasks. As time goes on, we'll bring better and better video, and you want a machine that can handle it.

studio requirements for 1-24 riders:

Do not try to hyper-economize on a piece of equipment critical to your business! We don't recommend laptops for any studio applications. Generally speaking, their multi-screen video performance is often poor, and they are more likely to fail because they are transported and otherwise abused.

Get a very powerful Windows 7,8, or 10 64-bit desktop system with a Core i5 or better, 4GB RAM. This is pretty common with any PC shipped with 64-bit. Don't use XP nor Vista. If you expect 12 or more riders on 1 system, spare no expense in getting best, fastest CPU available. Pick an EXCELLENT video card with minimum 1GB memory (because you will use multiple, hi-resolution screens) and buy a reasonably new model: A system being offered with video cards 3 generations behind the current state of the industry is a BAD idea. You will need two video outputs at least. We also recommend a battery back-up so power-outages do not tear down your sessions or lose data.

mac users:

ErgVideo™ works correctly in the Windows™ 7, 8, 10 environments, given correct hardware, performance capacity, and drivers. We have many Mac customers who run Windows under Bootcamp™, and run ErgVideo™ completely problem-free. Less successful are those who try VMware™, Parallels™ or other virtualization for Windows packages. We sincerely do not recommend them.  We won't enage or help you with your experimentation with any such products, nor can we help you debug any problems you may have running Windows on your Mac. You will have to deal with Apple™ for that, they claim it works, so they can support you. Don't even try it with less than Core2Duo CPU's, that is, nothing Pentium 4-class.  We'll only provide support for ErgVideo™ itself, working inside the Windows 'boundary'. We have indeed seen issues with Apple™ in video card drivers for some cards running under Mac + Windows.  We don't recommend Mac's to be used in studio multi-rider environments.

test your system for 1080HD compatibility

We recommend watching our 'how-to' videos. Also check the system requirements page before doing this. It could save you some time.

Please use the $1.99 Intro ErgVIdeo in 1080HD to test your system. If the video stays sync'd to the power file (power changes when the action changes) then you are good to go. 


ANT+™ compatibility

ErgVideo is compatible with ANT+ FE-C trainers, heart rate monitors, speed sensors, cadence sensors, speed and cadence sensors, as well as power meters (PWR type). Our ANT+ certification for all device profiles shown is complete.