integrate ErgVideo™ training plans for fast workout selection

We recommend watching our 'how-to' videos. They are also provided on your ErgVideo™ DVD's.

ErgVideo™ isn't "only" an app to operate your CompuTrainer™. Unlike any of the RacerMate™ applications before it, ErgVideo can directly integrate your training plan. Whether you use the free 20-week customizable training plan offered here or a plan you or your coach creates for you with the ErgVideo Coach tool , your ErgVideo environment will present the rides on your plan in an easy to use listbox, automatically selecting today's session. Daily sessions are fully customized rides, not just a suggestion about which ErgVideo to use.

This feature means an end to fiddling about before your ride, trying to decide what workout to do, what ride to try, how long or how hard to ride. Plan it all ahead of time, maybe with your coach, and just load up your daily session. You will be riding in 3 clicks of the mouse!