ErgVideo training plans: overview

ErgVideo training: choose pre-built plans or customize your own!

Integrated training plans

Our integrated plans are all free. You can start training with ErgVideo entirely at no cost. Choose between our free- mode training plans or our ErgVideo-centric "power-pack" plans. 

free-mode power training plans

Our free-mode training plans are a new feature introduced with ErgVideo 5. Every session is a free-mode workout, so the whole program can be ridden without ErgVideos. But here's the really cool part: ErgVideo will automatically recommend which ErgVideo-based workouts are "training-objective equivalent" to the free-mode workout. So each workout leads to a choice of a few to several different ErgVideos! We call this approach the "TOE"-way. To read more about the free mode training plans, click here.

ErgVideo power-pack training plans

Our power-pack training plans are known as our "traditional plans" developed before our now available subscription model existed. You start with a limited, chosen set of ErgVideos,and you pick the program you'd like to follow. Every session is an ErgVideo-based workout from your library. We have programs built by The Peaks Coaching Group's Hunter Allen, Scott Moninger, and ErgVideo's own Paul Smeulders. The integrated planning tool in the ErgVideo app even lets you substitute other ErgVideos into the plan as you like. 
Now, with subscriptions giving access to the entire library, you can pick any plan, and you'll have far more choices when substituting videos. The potential for variety in your training under these plans has grown exponentially. Read more about the ErgVideo power-pack plans here.