ErgVideo training: choose pre-built plans or customize your own!

free training plans: Scott Moninger power pack

ErgVideo has continued its partnership with the Peaks Coaching Group to bring you a new series of amazing training videos, along with our best training plan yet. You'll ride with the legend himself, Scott Moninger, on the very roads where he trained throughout his unsurpassed career. With 275 professional wins, he tops the all-time list among American pros. Along with PCG coach Tim Cusick, Scott will lead you through training sessions designed to improve your threshold power and your climbing ability. The sessions will lay the power foundation for your summertime success in climbing races, high alpine touring, and grand fondos. The ErgVideos in ths power-pack are as beautiful as they are effective.


free training plans: Hunter Allen power pack

ErgVideo has partnered with Hunter Allen's Peaks Coaching Group to bring you an exciting series of new ErgVideos featuring Hunter and his team riding their favorite training sessions.  Currently the collection includes 6 HD ErgVideos all filmed near Hunter's HQ in Bedford Virginia.  Specifically designed for your pre-season indoor training phase, they focus on endurance, strength, and threshold power development.

Hunter and his team have also designed and provided free training plans  that use these new ErgVideos (plus a few from our regular HD collection), to help you train effectively with your ErgVideos. It integrates directly with ErgVideo so it's dead-nuts easy to use. Follow your plan to improve your fitness, power and speed, all at home in your own pain cave. When you've completed your Hunter Allen Power Training plan with ErgVideo, you'll be interested in following up with a Peaks Coaching Group coach to assess your progress and develop further during your outdoor season under one of their custom plans.


ErgVideo™ training plans

We still offer the traditional ErgVideo training plans developed by NCCP III certified coach and ErgVideo developer Paul "all day" Smeulders.  We've added more features, more flexibility to match your own library, and a really neat way to ensure you have maximum variety in your training.  Better still, as new ErgVideos become available, they will be added to the training plans to help you choose new ErgVideos. You can easily refresh your training plan to include the latest releases.

You can easily customize your sessions with the training advisor tool. All of the optional workouts shown on any given day within a plan are roughly equivalent, so you can pick and choose.  All choices presented align with the framework developed by a nationally certified and experienced coach. Basically, you can't choose wrong!


ErgVideo™ training plans with Hunter Allen PT sessions

The Hunter Allen Power Training series of ErgVideos offer several new ways to train your strength, threshold power, and even pedaling technique. We've augmented the traditional ErgVideo training plans for cyclists, short and long course triathletes, and climber-sportif riders with the Hunter Allen Power Training series of ErgVideos. These plans will bring more variety, entertainment, and effectiveness to your indoor training program this year.


Here's a glowing endorsement from a happy customer, Mark Duggan:

I have to say I love these videos, I had a major accident in a race in Australia May 2014. I broke both legs and smashed my tibia plateau, pelvis was broken in seven places and broke three vertebrae. I was not sure I would ever walk again properly let alone ride my bike. I was lucky enough to meet an orthopaedic surgeon who was a cyclist and an extremely gifted trauma surgeon. Once he took over my case he assured me he could get me back on the bike. After many operations I set the bike on the computrainer and would sit on it and pedal backwards because I did not have enough rotation in the left knee to get over the top of the pedal stroke. This went on for weeks the more I pedalled backwards then forwards I would get just a little further. Then one day the knee rolled over the top and I was pedalling forwards again.

I already owned a decent library of Ergvideos and once I got the all clear to start pushing a bit I bit the bullet and grabbed the Peaks Coaching Group Hunter Allen set. I still could not walk properly but I could pedal the bike, I needed a crate to stand on so I could get on and off the bike but I was so excited everyday to get on it.

After not riding at all for thirteen months I did my first 20 minute test of 207 watts, followed the training plan from the Ergvideo website with Hunter Allan videos religiously and after 15 weeks my 20 minute test was 301 watts. Moral of the story these videos and training plans work if your prepared to suffer indoors for a while.

I'm back racing my bike even though walking is still a struggle compared to riding. I cannot thank Ergvideo and Peaks Coaching Group enough for the compilation of videos and training plans, it saved my sanity and got me back racing when I never thought it would be possible again. I still use them 3 times a week to keep me on track with my training.


Need more help?

Help with using the online training plan tool, as well as how to use your plan when integrated with ErgVideo, is available on our  "how-to videos" support page.