Get an ErgVideo training plan from the TrainingPeaks store


Get your ErgVideo training plan from the TrainingPeaks store and enjoy all of the convenience of viewing your workouts and entire plan from any device, anytime. Take advantage of TrainingPeaks analytics to track and compare your planned progress against your actual progress. Get them here, or just search "ErgVideo" at their plan search page.

Features and benefits:
  • Your training plan is in your TrainingPeaks account for access anywhere with any device. Preview your daily workouts from your desk at work, or waiting inline at the coffee shop. C'mon, you know you want to...
  • Use the TrainingPeaks analysis features to compare planned progress against actual execution.
  • Convenient, one-click setup of your daily training sessions in ErgVideo with the "TP workout of the day" button.
  • Every session is specified as a power vs time profile. You never have to build a workout for yourself based on a coach's description.
  • Execute all of your workouts with the free ErgVideo software in free workout mode.
  • Every session maps to one or more TOE sessions so you can ride your prescribed workout with a synchronized ErgVideo ride. We've done all the work for you. 

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